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Fermanagh Events serves as an invaluable resource for promoting and marketing businesses, accommodation providers, and local community associations in Enniskillen and throughout County Fermanagh. We provide cost-effective advertising solutions with a variety of options.

Comprehensive Website Advertising: Ensure your business, accommodation, or community group is prominently featured on our website. Benefit from our extensive reach within Enniskillen and the numerous towns and villages in County Fermanagh. Whether your goal is to attract local customers or gain international exposure, investing in an advertisement on Fermanagh Events is a strategic choice.


When you advertise with us, you will gain advertising on a total of 6 websites. For £25 per month, you can advertise on:

  • Enniskillen.com
  • FermanaghEvents.co.uk
  • EnniskillenMix.com
  • EnniskillenTaxis.com
  • FindItFermanagh.co.uk
  • FermanaghFishing.com

Advertising will be placed across each website, within newsletters, and across each social media page

We can also provide any artwork you may need to advertise with us for free. If you wish to advertise with us or would like more information, please contact us via email – advertise@fermanaghevents.co.uk